MySpace Macedonia


At MySpace Macedonia website you can find various kinds of pictures: photos about friendship, birthdays, greetings, hello's, funny images, cool graphics...

However, if you didn't found something that you was looking for, leave a comment here.
In few words, describe us what kind of image you like (the message, for what occasion, the color...).
We'll do our best to make that image just for you.

And remember... this website give all stuff for free. Forever. ;)

How To Use This Website?

Using the MySpace Macedonia website is simple.
Just follow this steps:

1. Use the categories in the sidebar to locate the picture that you want to use.
2. When you find your picture, look below it. There is a box with the code that you have to copy.
3. Click in the box and select the code. For that, use: 'CTRL+A' keys at the keyboard, or just select the code with the mouse.
4. Copy the code: 'CTRL+C' (keyboard) or 'Right Click' and than 'Copy' (with the mouse).
5. Go to your/your friend's website (guestbook, e-mail letter...), and paste the code: 'CTRL+V' (keyboard) or 'Right Click' and than 'Paste' (with the mouse).
6. Send the comment/letter.
7. You're done. ;)

See, it's easy.
The next time you can do it on your own.

* Note: you can use the HTML code only at places (blogs, websites, guestbooks...) where it is allowed/supported.