MySpace Macedonia

About Us

The MySpace Macedonia project was started by Highlander Media, in 2010 acquired by Cortex Cerebri.

Its aim is to provide different stuff (mainly, images) that people can use to interact with their online friends in the community websites (virtual communities) like MySpace, Facebook, HI5...

Mainly, the materials are directed to the Macedonian people all over the world, but also they can be freely used by others.

We are open for suggestions how to make this service better.
Send request about what would you like to see at the website.
Also, you can contact us by e-mail: contact [at] cortexcerebri dot com .

Have a fun using MySpace Macedonia!

The Beginning


Today we are starting this new blog - "MySpace Macedonia".
It would be a place full of fun and interesting stuff. ;)

C Ya around!